Backend Engineer

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Yrkesbenämning: Backend-utvecklare
Publicerad: 2021-10-11
Sista ansökningsdag: 2022-03-30
Stad: Stockholm
It’s an exciting time to work at Hive Streaming! We have been growing over 100% every year in the last four years and in October 2020, we were recognized as SaaS company of the year in the Nordics. In these turbulent times, great employee video communication is crucial for enterprises to create engagement and alignment to survive and succeed. At Hive Streaming we are proud to offer an industry-leading solution to this demand. We help multiple Fortune 500 customers analyze, secure, and optimize their video experience on a daily basis. We are now looking for a Backend Engineer to join Hive's engineering team at our office in Stockholm. Why Hive? Because of the innovation, no one has done this before as Hive does. Every day is yet another innovation. I wake up and I'm thinking "Okay Stefanos, today I'm going to discover something new". That is why I work at Hive!" Stefanos Antaris, Machine Learning Engineer * AKA the smartest person you'll ever know). The Perks of Working at Hive - Have it your way! At the office, at home or on the ski slope (…did I go too far?) - your way is the best way, but flexibility is everyone’s way at Hive! 🌎 - Without you = no Hive? We are a fast-paced, global (over 35 nationalities among our 100 co-workers around the globe) scale-up company that empowers every single coworker. Everyone is unique and important for our growth. You will play an important role in the company’s future success 🧡 - You + Massage + Every single week + Your back will love you 🙌 = True! Plus other good benefits as digital kick-off, office fika (maybe too often..?) etc. - The boring but most important… Salaries are good, insurances are good (and hopefully) you stay good (& healthy!) 🌈 What you can expect from working with Hive's Engineering team? At our Hive Engineering department, we strive for autonomous teams that have full ownership of their products and features. Our Engineering teams are reflecting Hive product lines and divided into primary and secondary value streams. Primary teams are creating value for our customers and secondary teams are creating value for our primary teams, fulfilling the prerequisites to streamlined build customer value. Having the autonomy teams are choosing their best ways of working within the agile space, most of our teams are practicing Scrum with 2-week sprints. What else? Hive being a digital-first company, the majority of our engineers work remotely. All our teams are cross-functional with experienced engineers delivering value in a direction defined by our company objectives and vision. We also have cross-team initiatives giving our engineers the opportunity to both contribute and pick up knowledge within different product lines and being a value-focused team to deliver that initiative. We practice innovation within our teams and believe great ideas come true by for example gathering everyone at Hive once a month for Innovation Day. Working as a Backend Engineer You will be working at one of Hive's Engineering teams; Video Optimization, Video Analytics, Video Operations, Engineering Efficiency, Partner Ecosystem, Data Team, or Portal Framework & Commercialization. Your day-to-day tasks will be: - Building scalable, highly available distributed systems. - Maintaining existing code written mainly in Scala and Java. - Migrating older software systems. - Together with your team, deciding on specific architecture and designs. - Cross-collaborating with team members and other departments; for example, design features/parts of the system with the Backend Engineers, determine the API specs and exposed data with the Frontend Engineers and ensure alignment regarding customer needs with the Product Teams. What we expect: Your passion is back-end development, you love teamwork, taking initiative, and solve problems. You also like working in a fast past scale-up environment where you can contribute to both developing cool software products as well as processes and structures that you and your team can benefit from. We also believe you have... - 3+ years of experience working with highly scalable high-availability services and building APIs - Experience with software development in Java and preferably Scala - Knowledge within Kafka, or other queues - Knowledge within Databases and in-memory stores (i.e. Redis) - Knowledge of good software engineering practices, including design and architecture patterns - Knowledge in WebSockets, Kubernetes, Security practices such as OWASP and CI/CD frameworks such as Azure DevOps - Great communication skills in English, both spoken and written We hope you are excited about this opportunity and look forward to your application!

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