Deputy Assistant Professor in Computer Science

Antal platser:
Publicerad: 2020-09-15
Sista ansökningsdag: 2020-10-19
Stad: Växjö
Welcome to Linnaeus University Where knowledge grows. We are an international university in Småland, Sweden. Together we set knowledge in motion for a sustainable societal development. Welcome to Linnaeus University! A place for knowledge, ideas and development. For growth potential and a belief in the future. In Småland and in the world. The Department of Computer Science and Media Technology is responsible for a large number of educational programs at basic and advanced levels within computer science, software development, and media technology. It carries out research in several subjects. Within the department’s research profile “Smarter Systems”, several research groups collaborate together addressing research challenges which are related to future software-intensive systems. In this capacity, the department leads one of LNU’s research centers: the Linnaeus University Center on “Data Intensive Sciences and Applications”. Currently, more than 60 staff members work at the department. The department has a strong connection with other departments of Linnaeus University. In 2019, the university received the right to offer a degree of master of science in software engineering. The University admits students to this program for the first time in autumn 2020. The advertised position will be affiliated to the Smarter Systems environment led by Professor Welf Löwe. The environment focuses on realizing and building Smarter Systems through smarter engineering processes for smarter cyber-physical systems (CPS) that seamlessly integrate engineering processes and systems' activities in a perpetual process. CPSs combine software and hardware components in an infrastructure that is responsible for computation and communication with the physical world and users. This cyber-physical infrastructure establishes a feedback loop that monitors physical and software systems and processes for a control purpose.  In a smarter CPS, systems and processes collect and use the knowledge they obtain during system and process activities to drive adaptations and trigger evolution of systems and processes. The seamless integration of continuous adaptation and evolution aims at mitigating the effects of uncertainty and providing means for satisfying stakeholder expectations in a trustworthy manner at all times. Field of subject for the position: Computer Science with specialization in Model-driven Engineering Placement: Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden Scope of appointment: 100% for 4 years (50% research, 50% teaching/administration). The appointment may be renewed, however not for longer than a total of two years, if more time is required to fulfil the purpose of the appointment because of the deputy assistant professor’s sick leave, parental leave, or other specific reasons. Following application for promotion, the deputy assistant professor’s should be tried for promotion to senior lecturer/associate professor and appointment for an indefinite period. In accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance (HF, chap 4, section 12a), Ordinance (SFS, 2017:844). Job description: Deputy Assistant Professor is an appointment which through research and pedagogical qualifying gives the opportunity to be promoted to a permanent position as senior lecturer/associate professor if the needed promotion criteria are fulfilled. The content of the appointment is to consist mainly of research. The appointment should also offer excellent opportunities for pedagogical qualifying through teaching on different levels as well as other pedagogical qualification, such as training in teaching and learning in higher education. The work duties include the whole research cycle, i.e., from literature reviews and the identification of research challenges in complex systems modeling and simulation, model-driven-engineering, or cyber-physical systems, to reporting of results and publication in highly-ranked journals and conferences in the areas of position. In addition, the position holder will teach and supervise approximately 50% of full time, mainly in our new master's of engineering in computer science and software engineering program. This involves responsibilities for courses in, e.g., system modeling and simulation and model-driven engineering on the bachelor and master levels. Upon the start of the employment, both a formal research and teaching plan will be formulated together for the entire duration, which will function as a reference for the performance evaluation of the position holder. For requirements, assessment criteria, promotion criteria and contacts visit our website: Welcome with your application no later than 19 October 2020.     Linnaeus University has the ambition to utilize the qualities that an even gender distribution and diversity brings to the organization. Please apply by clicking on the Apply button at the bottom of the ad. Your application should be designed according to the Template for application which can be found in the Guide to Appointment procedures under important documents below the ad. The credentials you invoke must be verified with certification and they must be attached digitally in your application. Other documents, including various types of scientific works, must be submitted digitally along with the application. The application and other documents to be marked with the reference number. All documents cited must be received by the University no later than 24.00 (Local time in Sweden) on the closing day.

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