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Before Humly, Kristoffer (CPO) and Gustav (CEO) were college students and substitute teachers, dealing with the same problems many face with agencies: the last-minute work calls, the calls that don’t come, the lack of power or say in your career, and so much more. So they built a home where educators are as important as the job itself. They built Humly, so educators globally can have the power to choose when, where, and how much they work – simply and easily, without hassle. With 23k+teachers across 7.5k+ schools/nurseries and growing, it's fair to say that Humly has turned into growth adventure.

About the Role

As Humly has graduated from Startup to Scale-up, the internal definition of "great" for our engineering efforts changed from "ship quickly" to "deliver well tested, clean and maintainable solutions for scale". As a data-focused Backend engineer in the team, your responsibility will be to make sure we live up to this transition. Over the years, we have accrued technical debt throughout our platform, and this is limiting our ability to take on higher traffic load and to build smarter and more efficient solutions. By contributing with strong experience in data modelling, SQL, caching, migrations, API design, API integrations, and service architecture you will ensure that we have a better foundation for the future. The faster you help identify and restructure our legacy code base, the earlier you can shift focus to building interesting and value-creating solutions on top of this improved foundation. This could include anything from ML-driven matching algorithms to efficient data pipelines and analytics services.

  • Take ownership of our matching service
  • Work on improving the data integrity, standardisation and denormalisation of our database
  • Work with and improve our 3rd party integrations, like Hubspot, Google Maps, TravelTime, Staffology and many more
  • Collaborate with our data scientist on our datalake and analytics platform
  • Ensuring that we have good observability and test setups for the integrations
Our tech stack
  • (reasonable) microservice architecture
  • Frontend: React, Typescript, Material-UI, Remix, GraphQL
  • Backend: Nest.js, Ruby on Rails, GraphQL, Postgres
  • Infrastructure: Kubernetes, UpCloud, RabbitMQ, OpenSearch, Prometheus, Jaeger
  • CI/CD based on GitOps operational framework
  • BA or MS degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field.
  • 5+ years of professional experience in software architecture and development using Node.js, TS and SQL.
  • Confident in most of the concepts listed here:
  • Fluent in English.
  • Located in or around Gothenburg (or willing to relocate)
Exciting things about Humly's product team
  • No sprints, but shaping and cycles:
  • Business-focused and data-driven approach to development
  • Lots of influence in a small and flexible team
  • Hybrid office model - flexibility with responsibility, ~3 days at the office
  • International and diverse team
  • Real impact on quality education - a UN Sustainable Development Goal
How we hire

We evaluate candidates continuously, don't wait - send us your application today!

  1. Intro call- A first casual 30 minute conversation with our CTO about Humly’s short and long-term goals and how those might be related to your personal career goals. This is a good time to discuss deal breakers and concerns you might have upfront.
  2. Technical interview - A 1-hour deep-dive into the craft of software development with a couple of our engineers. We let you describe how you engage with problem solving and you can share your opinions about technical debt, project management, and favourite tech stacks. This is also an opportunity to learn more about what our team enjoys about working at Humly, and ask the hard questions.
  3. CultureInterview- A 1-hour talk with our CTO and one of our founders into your previous experiences and learnings. Share with us your successes and failures and all the permutations in between. The goal is to get to know how what you’ve done before has shaped your perspective about the who/what/why/where/when of what you want to do next.
About Humly

Humly is a digital marketplace matching supply teachers and schools. 70 million teachers are needed globally to reach the 2030 UN sustainable development goals, and Humly is set to solve a piece of that puzzle. Humly has financially strong and active owners in Viking Ventures and Alfvén & Didrikson, and have raised 17 MEUR. We are in a scale-up phase in the UK and have high ambitions. The UK market alone is a 2 billion EUR, and Humly has a first mover advantage. Humly has 80 employees working at our offices in Gothenburg, Sweden and at several sites in the UK. The marketplace has over 5,000 active educators and over 5,000 active schools that each year helps save more than 1,000,000 hours of education.

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