Backend Engineer

Antal platser:
Yrkesbenämning: Backend-utvecklare
Publicerad: 2020-10-09
Sista ansökningsdag: 2020-10-23
Stad: Stockholm

As a Backend Engineer you should be curious about how to build large-scale, business-critical systems with modern technologies and your responsibilities will include research, design, and implement features and services that can scale in an efficient and reliable manner.

Mentimeter is a high transaction system built in React, Redux, Ruby, Node.JS with a PostgreSQL database for persistence, Redis for caching and queuing, AWS Redshift for Business Intelligence, CloudFront as a CDN (with Lambda@Edge), and WebSockets to enable a fast and interactive polling experience. Hosting is done on Heroku and AWS with Continuous Integration using Github and Circle CI. We also utilize Next.JS for our static content sites to be able to deliver a blazing fast experience for our end users.

We are in an exciting phase where the platform must evolve in order to ensure continued performance, scalability, security and maintainability of the platform and our business. You will be part of taking the decision on what architecture and technologies are best suited for our future challenges. We are, for example, looking to build our own WebSocket infrastructure for better control and reliability (perhaps based on Go) and opening up a Public API enabling the possibility of an ecosystem of new innovations based on Mentimeter technology.

We work in small, independent, self-organizing teams. The teams’ product manager and engineering lead work together to organize and plan the teams’ backlog using agile processes focusing on continuously delivering great features to our users.

What you'll do:

  • Creating strong morale, foster open dialogue as well as sharing wins and recognition
  • Take important decisions that will affect future scalability and architecture
  • Implement features, housekeeping, and care for the quality of the code
  • Collaborate with product manager to find the best solution for each challenge
  • Help ensure we have a smooth software pipeline for continuous and fast delivery
  • Implement features while ensuring long term stability of our system and quality of the code
  • Take on initiatives and follow others’ requirements
  • Influence which tools, programming languages, and technologies you work with
  • Balancing discovery phases with implementation work

We believe you have:

  • At least a few years of relevant working experience
  • An academic background
  • Been part project building modern high performing web-services
  • Experience in database modeling and performance optimization
  • Experience in some of the techniques we use (see below)
  • Passion for software development, scalable architecture and product building
  • A strong interest for testing and automation, and care about code quality
  • Excellent communication skills and can work both independently and in a team

Technologies you'll be exposed to at Mentimeter:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Node.JS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • AWS Redshift
  • Ruby
  • Fela (CSS-in-js)
  • AWS Lambda
  • Heroku
  • Next.JS
  • WebSocket

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