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Publicerad: 2019-10-07
Sista ansökningsdag: 2019-11-04
Stad: Stockholm 
Relocation agent - based in Stockholm. Relocare provides companies with the best foundation for attracting, recruiting, relocating and retaining international employees and their families. We are matching the needs of the future as we cover both global mobility, relocation and destination services, international tax, social security and compliance, as well as cultural training and spouse support. No one else covers the entire palette for inbound and outbound assignments like us. Relocare Sweden AB is founded in 2018 and is located at IDEON Science Park in Lund, but the position we are posting here, will be based in Stockholm. Relocare Sweden AB is a part of the Relocare Group ApS companies from Denmark. We have established a very good reputation in Denmark among the largest companies, and we are growing our business in Sweden based on good references and a strong care for compliance and retention. We are therefore looking for - initially - a part time employed relocation agent, with the option to grow in the company. The part-time position is aimed for 3 days a week. The right person has the following qualities: You make a difference, you are academically skilled and disciplined, and you are at ease with yourself to be able to provide your full support to people in transition. To relocate is to establish a whole life. You think in detail, but you are also able to plan ahead and foresee challenges before they turn into problems. The freelance position requires a combination of great people skills and legal knowledge. With reference to the owner of Relocare you get an independent and challenging role, where your tasks includes: . Swedish relocation assistance - practical and hand-held assistance, including immigration, national registrations, bank account, school and kindergarten establishment, insurance and social security . House search and selection and relationship building with stakeholders in the real-estate sector is an important part of the job. . The job includes both office and field work, and the job will require that you travel to Göteborg, Stockholm, Lund and Malmö area to mention a few. If you are based in Göteborg it will be ideal. . Coordinate the tasks of global mobility, relocation, international tax and cultural training with the team in Denmark. We work closely and work broadly. For more information on the breadth of the tasks, they can be found here www.relocare.dk The person we are looking for: . Have work experience from the Swedish rental market and relocation industry . Have driving license and own car . Have a subject relevant education. There is no definite education in global mobility, but if you have studied law or real-estate it is relevant. . People skills are extremely important, and if you have an NLP or similar coach degree it is also really relevant. . You are a strong negotiator, and if you have key account or sales experience it will be plus . You are thorough and detail oriented as tasks of legal and administrative nature are a major part of the job. . You like working with all nationalities regardless of the personality type you may meet. . A personal knowledge of having lived and worked in another country is a huge advantage in being able to understand and relate to the situation of our expats. . You like to be in close relationship with your customers. . You master a high level of English, both orally and in writing. If you know other languages, it will only be an advantage. . You are excellent in Microsoft Office products, and are a comfortable user of electronic equipment such as GPS, Skype, Facetime etc. The working hours are usually during normal working hours and weekdays, but depend on how it matches the task, our customers and the rest of our wonderful, professional staff team. Relocare offers: . Pay according to your skills and the assignments. . Thorough introduction and subsequent training as required. The training will be in both Sweden and Denmark (Virum) . Inspiring working environment . International contacts and great opportunity to expand your professional network. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call Else Christensen at +45 20 85 17 11, but we prefer to receive an application in writing. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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