Platform Developer with SQL focus

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Yrkesbenämning: Backend-utvecklare
Publicerad: 2019-10-01
Sista ansökningsdag: 2019-10-31
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About Joint Academy

We are a team of researchers, software developers, designers and other professionals creating a digital treatment for one of the world's most common ailments: osteoarthritis. Our platform connects patients with trained physiotherapists, and gives them access to education and an individualized daily schedule of exercises. Everything we do is based on world-class science, and the effectiveness of our treatment has been validated by several peer-reviewed studies. On the technical side, we balance the fast pace required in a startup with continual investment in frameworks, tools and practices to keep our platform healthy in the long term.

Our thesis

80% of global healthcare costs is incurred by fifteen chronic diseases. Joint pain caused by osteoarthritis (OA) is among the top five of this list, costing $189 billion annually in the US alone. With aging populations and a steady increase in total joint replacements, the costs for OA treatments will become overwhelming for healthcare systems in a foreseeable future. At the same time, specific exercise, education and coaching by a physical therapist have been scientifically shown to be more effective than medication and joint replacements for most patients. There is a great opportunity here for better outcomes for patients and greatly reduced costs for public and private health insurers. Joint Academy fundamentally changes OA treatment by delivering an evidence-based, scalable and cost-effective online solution.

About the platform team

The responsibilities of the Platform Team include:

  • Serving the other tech teams by providing crucial tooling, infrastructure, and guidelines for server-side work
  • Taking the lead in evaluating new technologies and practices, always with the goal of delivering bug-free features fast
  • Maintain a Docker-based workflow to streamline development, testing, QA, continuous integration and deployment

One of our current focus areas is to transition from an MVC-style backend to a database-centric architecture (aka "thick database"). The idea is to rely on advanced and time-tested database features for authorization, data transformation and transactions rather than re-creating them in complex backend systems. As a flexible but minimal interface for clients, we serve a GraphQL API through PostGraphile.

About the role

We're looking for someone with a deep interest in SQL databases, data modeling, query optimization and database monitoring. As a small team, we need all members to have a solid foundation in programming and server-side systems in general. As we expand our product and reach new markets, the health of our core infrastructure, data models and business logic is a key factor in letting us move fast and keep innovating. The work you do here will be crucial for everyone in the company and all the people we serve!

What you’ll do

  • Join a team of dedicated and skilled software professionals building a cutting-edge e-health platform
  • Implement business logic as database views, queries and triggers
  • Measure and fine-tune db queries
  • Integrate with adjacent systems, primarily through asynchronous messaging, GraphQL schema stitching and middleware.
  • Work with other teams and departments to understand the needs of application developers, data analysts, content creators and people doing sales and marketing. As a platform team member, your job is to keep all these people happy and productive!

Who you are

  • For you, SQL is not just a half-century old tool that developers are (grudgingly) forced to learn, but one of the most delightful and advanced programming languages in wide use today. You might already be a bona fide SQL expert or someone who is looking for an opportunity to become one. In any case, you believe that business logic belongs in the database, and you're excited about the idea of spending your work days building and fine-tuning great data models.
  • At the same time, you are a generalist who can help maintain and fix urgent problems in various parts of our system.
  • You have strong communication skills. Along with great technical solutions, you create great documentation and written guidelines.
  • You can bring technical and non-technical stakeholders together to create shared understanding of a problem or domain area.
  • You thrive on the exchange of ideas and criticism, and can both take and give feedback in a friendly atmosphere without prestige getting in the way.
  • As for technical skills, apart from SQL it would be great if you have some experience in one or two of the following: PL/(pg)SQL, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, AMQP (or other messaging middleware), shell scripting, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux system administration. If you don't, perhaps you have other strengths to bring to the table?

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