Junior back-end developer to our in-house team in Helsingborg

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Yrkesbenämning: Backend-utvecklare
Publicerad: 2022-06-21
Sista ansökningsdag: 2022-12-08
Stad: Helsingborg
Would you like the opportunity to work with some challenging projects that will provide you the chance to learn and work with new cutting-edge technology? Do you have the ambition to become an expert in a smaller field or do you dream about becoming an architect in the future? Then this ad is for you! What we need you to bring: - Around 1-2 years’ experience of working as a developer, .NET, javascript, and/or API knowledge is preferable but not necessary - Basic knowledge of Azure / AWS - Good business English (Swedish is just a bonus) We are not religious in technology choice, it can be both java, .net, JS, or typescript. It is arbitrary and depends on where the project will land when it is finished. We believe you are more interested in building smart solutions, than building in a specific language. Job description Working as a developer with us will bring you the chance to work with a great variety of customers, industries, and projects. We always work in project teams, which means that you will have other developers, architects, and business analysts (who do the requirement mapping btw) and project managers around you. We also sit in-house, not like resource consultants at all. We work with systems such as Commerce tools, Litium, InRiver, and Censhare and move more and more towards MACH solutions (https://www.columbusglobal.com/sv/blogg/6-saker-du-behover-veta-om-modern-commerce-architecture). (Link in Swedish). If your goal is to have a real impact, grow your own competence, and add some modern and interesting knowledge to yourself - then this could be the right role for you. We take onboarding and development seriously and hope you will like to have a well-mapped journey. 😎 Let's give the word to one of our developers who started as a junior with us, presenting Sverker Söderlund: When I started off at Columbus I was introduced to inRiver which is a PIM system. In the beginning, I had a senior developer help me start out by giving me smaller practicing tasks so I could understand InRiver and how to work on it. As I progressively got more knowledge I was given smaller Jira tickets to solve for a customer. Usually, we are at least two developers for a customer and you will be able to ask the more senior developer questions to help you understand the solution and solve your tickets. Now I have the ability to be more involved in gathering requirements from the customer and take a bigger part in creating solutions for them. My days usually differ in two ways. Either I am working on bugfix, usually, they are important and need to be solved pretty fast as the systems we work on are business-critical. Other days are more targeted against customers wanting new features or projects, those days are a bit calmer and you get to put on your earphones, relax and develop some code in peace. What do you see for your future here at Columbus? Personally, I enjoy the ability we get to take responsibility for my own development whether it is becoming a better software developer, working towards becoming a Solution Architect or being at the frontline helping our customers with their issues and growing our partnership. What do you enjoy most about working here? I work at Columbus because I really enjoy helping customers solve their issues. After working hard on a project for a month and delivering the solution to the customer the appreciation you receive really makes it worthwhile. Apart from that I also enjoy discussing technical issues with my fellow developers. We got a truly great team here. Application and recruitment process Do you, like Sverker, think this could be a great place to grow? Don't hesitate to apply! It only takes 4 seconds and you don't have to upload a bunch of documents. The process is quite straightforward, one initial short interview, a personality- and logic test, a technical test and interview, and a meeting with the manager. Location We wish for you to be part of our awesome team in Helsingborg. There you will have close access to senior coworkers on-site. 😊 Culture Columbus Sweden is a company started by entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial spirit is still going strong. This means we are at the forefront and always eager to develop ourselves in new areas. We believe that happy employees equal happy customers. Being creative and learning from each other is what makes us successful. We want to be the best at what we do and are always striving to get better. Working as a team we make work fun and enjoyable. At Columbus, you are always welcome to express new ideas and you have the opportunity to influence from start. About Columbus At Columbus, we are experts at creating growth through insights into your customers' behaviors and providing a seamless experience when they are interacting in your digital channels. With our industry-wide experience within B2B and complex B2C, we stand out from the crowded market and make Columbus the foremost partner in the Nordics when it comes to digital sales. We help our customers to design and realize solutions in top-class according to industry-specific needs so you can reach your full potential in your digital operation. Columbus is a global IT consultancy company with 1800 employees around the globe. Our experts enable digital transformation, and we maximize and future-proof your company. Working at Columbus Take a look at our Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/columbussverige/) account to meet our colleagues and get a glimpse behind the scenes of life at Columbus. Entirely unfiltered we have collected reviews from current and previous colleagues. 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