Tech Lead Manager

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Yrkesbenämning: Backend-utvecklare
Publicerad: 2022-05-13
Sista ansökningsdag: 2022-06-12
Stad: Stockholm

We are Sinch. With presence in more than 50 countries, we’re a growing global organization that helps amazing companies engage with customers on their mobile phones. And whether you know us or not, you’ve definitely used our tech. We reach every phone on earth, with over 147 billion conversations every year.

This is a chance for you to dream even bigger than ever. And because we believe that equal opportunities are the key to our success, no matter who you are, you’ll be able to explore career options, face fascinating challenges, building your skills alongside amazing experts. It’s not easy to reach every person, on every phone, on every channel, everywhere. Create the software and teams that makes it happen. Join our team as a Tech Lead Manager for one of our product development teams in Stockholm!

The Verification team builds products and solutions for user- and phone number verification, used by our customers for authentication during sign up or login.

Our communications platform is a distributed system, both in the geographical sense, where we provide globally distributed points of presence and access to our platform, and in its internal service-oriented architecture. The real-time aspects of the product combined with global availability of our services means interesting challenges as Tech Lead Manager and great opportunity to learn and develop.

The essence of the role

You will act as both Tech Lead and Manager, in a perfect mix of leading people and developing code. In this role, you will lead a team of developers distributed between Poland and Stockholm. You will also collaborate with your Product partner in Stockholm, in planning and building the right products at the right time. At Sinch we do quarterly planning, and you will be responsible for defining clear goals for your team and lead them in delivering on those goals.

Apart from this, you are also responsible for setting salaries, helping individuals on your team grow and developing, as well as contributing technically to the team.

As our new Tech Lead Manager, you will:

  • Communicate and collaborate with stakeholders
  • Define quarterly goals and do weekly follow-ups
  • Support and make sure the team members are the best they can be
  • Develop and coach your team members individually
  • Facilitate daily stand-ups and advise on agile WoW
  • Contribute technically (wherever your strong area is) to the team

Who are you?

As Tech Lead Manager you have a holistic perspective and the ability to inspire and lead others. You love working with tech and have experience working as a developer, working with code reviews, testing and quality assurance. You have at least one area where your team can rely on you making strong technical contributions.

In order to contribute to this role you have:

  • MSc/BS in computer science or similar degree
  • Experience working as a backend developer in • NET Core, C# or Java experience working in different contexts and organisations
  • Interest in leadership and developing teams
  • Proficient in English, both verbal and written

As a person you are:

  • Business minded and able to see the big picture
  • A natural leader who is caring and inspiring
  • Able to communicate clearly, both with your team and stakeholders
  • Well organized and goal oriented

It’s a big plus!

  • Prior experience working as a manager for a tech team

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