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Publicerad: 2021-09-09
Sista ansökningsdag: 2021-10-31
Stad: Stockholm

Great! We want you to join our accelerated learning program. Your curious mind, knack for challenges and current skill set will be put to good use when reskilling yourself and starting a new career as a cloud developer at H&M Group.

Where you work:

At H&M Group you will work in a product organization and live by agile principles. Working in a product organization means being part of a cross-functional team that is responsible for a complete solution. The mission is to develop, automate, maintain and operate cloud solutions and adapt to ever-changing business requirements. You will assist the teams while ensuring continuous delivery of service. The focus at H&M Group is to provide world-class technology that continuously surprises and delights the customers.

Some stuff on your future to-do list:

  • shape cloud-native solutions
  • develop the right solutions and deliver value by using Azure cloud technologies
  • create new digital services and improve existing ones to become more agile and resilient
  • automate everything and maintain configuration as code
  • ensure compliance and ongoing operation of large estates

You must have:

  • an endless interest in learning new things
  • a stunning problem-solving mindset
  • a never-give-up personality
  • a dedication to achieving a career in tech
  • a drive to grow together with your peers

What The Upskill Company can offer you:

Learning - Start your new career through a paid, 12-week training program. You will learn an entirely new skill set within business development and software engineering

Skills - You will become an Azure Cloud Developer

Job - Become a consultant in one of the world’s largest and most successful retail and fashion companies. After one year, H&M Group has the option to offer you employment

Upskilling - Adopt a continuous learning mindset as a core part of your new career

Community - Join a dynamic team of like-minded people on a challenging, fast-paced and fun journey

So, what’s next?

Just hit the “apply” button and we’ll guide you through the recruitment process. You’ll soon learn more about the role and what it’s like to be a part of H&M Group. Still interested, you’ll be given a test and assessment of your personal and analytical skills, followed by a number of questions about what attracts you to being part of this fantastic opportunity. Hopefully you will be one of the lucky few to take part in the accelerated learning program, starting in January 2022. We evaluate candidates on an ongoing basis.

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