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Yrkesbenämning: HR-specialist/HR-adviser
Publicerad: 2021-04-07
Sista ansökningsdag: 2021-09-24
Stad: Stockholm
In the ever-expanding world of digitizing, we secure the new society that emerges. Nexus’ Smart ID solutions and IoT platforms are transforming how we perceive trusted identities. We provide cutting edge technology to high demanding global clients. We are now looking for a business-oriented HR BP to support us on this path. Do you want to be a part of our journey? It’s always hard for HR to recruit HR, right? So many things to tell, but where to start... We will start with some basics: this is a fixed contract of one year (parental leave fill), but we intend to grow the HR team so there will be a good chance to continue if we both feel it’s a good match. Sabina, CHRO, is looking for you, who wants to help, support and challenge her in the journey we have before us. Nexus is a dynamic, pragmatic and sometimes (a bit) chaotic environment, in a global setting. We consist of around 300 skilled employees and we produce software solutions within cyber security (yupp, it’s as cool as it sounds!). You will join the HR-team either in Stockholm, Sweden, or Ettlingen, Germany. What will you be doing at Nexus? As a HR BP you will have your own business area where you work in close liaison with the business. In this role that is our awesome Engineering/R&D unit and you will team up with the VP of Engineering, Tazrian, and her Engineering managers. As you surely know, the HR BP role is two sided. One part is representing the company, implementing and improving the global HR processes and make sure that would should be in place really is in place in your business unit. The second part is to make sure Tazrian and her gang of merry men and women have all they need to win. You will have the end-to-end responsibility for all HR-things within Engineering, supporting managers in four countries in Europe and India. When things are a bit more “back to normal” you are expected to travel to our different sites. Our HR philosophy is one-part agile HR, questioning and improving every step we take to ensure we are adding value to the company. One part compliance and formalities to ensure we deliver on the high set regulations a security company needs to have. And lastly, one part is teamwork. We are a small, agile HR-team and you will be contributing in everything from tough strategic discussion and sounding board with your leaders, as well as pull up your sleeves doing admin, reference checks or just some falling-through-the-cracks kind of stuff. If you have ever said "this is not my job" then this is not the position for you. Other than the general day-to-day stuff mentioned above, you will in parallel work with different kind of HR projects. First of all, you will act as our Recruitment Admiral, owning the Talent Acquisition strategy and process. At Nexus we believe our leaders are our best headhunters, this means they own their recruitment processes. However, we need a captain in charge of the strategy and that can support when there is a need. But there are other type of projects as well and when there is a need you don’t hesitate to take on the project leader role to develop a new or updated HR process that we can implement at Nexus. It can be for example an updated Performance & Development Process, a new Comp & Ben strategy or other small or large topics that need to be improved. Who are you? This gig is not your first HR rodeo! You have solid experience, in a role as HR Business Partner or similar. We also think it’s very important for you to have worked in a high-tech company, preferably in the software developing area. Maybe you are also a little bit of tech nerd and find yourself listening to tech pods every now and then. Either way, when our Engineering leaders start talking about the best SCRUM practices, pros and cons of SAFe, or any other three-letter abbreviation, you feel at home and can follow the lingo. You know the difference between a developer and an infra engineer, that DevOps has as many meanings as there are people on earth and that QA doesn’t stand for Question and Answers in this setting. Since you will be the Admiral for our Talent Acquisition strategy you do have some solid experience in the tech recruitment sphere, and you know how to ensure we get the best talents onboard. In your mindset you are a business-driven kind of HR person and to be a part of creating a successful company motivates you. This means that you never hesitate to take the lead on stuff that needs to be done in order for us to succeed. Also, you have cracked the code regarding teamwork a long time ago so you know that we win as a team. As a team member you like challenging and coaching people around you to deliver the best they can do. As we work across countries you can make yourself understood in English (written and spoken) but don’t be shy - we all speak with some accents or get support from google translate every now and then. Other than English it is good if you speak either Swedish or German and enjoy a global culture.

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