Backend Developer for Roxen

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Yrkesbenämning: Backend-utvecklare
Publicerad: 2019-06-25
Sista ansökningsdag: 2019-12-11
Stad: Stockholm
Backend Developer for Roxen Do you have a few years’ experience of backend development and would like to be part of a global company who contributes to independent journalism? Then you may be our person. About us The founders of Roxen made their mark in Internet history by creating one of the world's first web pages early 1993 - the very first web page in Sweden - and the Roxen WebServer, which is still licensed as open source under GPL. Today we develop smart, web-based editorial and content management tools for multi-channel publishing. Tools that take the cost and complexity out of the editorial process, allowing our customers to be able to be more creative and more easily manage relevant and engaging content. With customers all over the world Roxen’s products can be used for all types of information or news feeds such as newspapers, online news outlets or company catalogues, and they suit publishing needs both in print and online. What we offer Roxen is culturally a flat organization that encourages their employees to take ownership and welcomes new ideas. You will be working in a friendly environment with a healthy work and life balance, with colleagues that are passioned about what they do. With our global market you would be given great opportunities to travel and meet new clients if that would be of interest to you. In addition to that you would be provided with healthcare insurances, wellness grant, 6 weeks’ vacation, flextime and more. The position There are three teams divided between Linköping, USA and central Stockholm which you will be part of. You will be working in a small senior team, where some of your colleagues have been developing Roxens product from a very early stage. You will have a valuable role in developing Roxens product in all stages of the product, ranging from maintenance of old systems to new development based on client and market needs as well as your own initiative. We are looking for someone with a few years of working experience in backend development with experience of working in a team who can communicate in both English and Swedish who enjoys working in an agile environment that constantly develop If you have any questions or other concerns please feel free to contact Regina Björklund at or 0766773631. We look forward to hear from you, applications are reviewed frequently.


Regina Björklund

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