Python - Full stack Developer

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Yrkesbenämning: Backend-utvecklare
Publicerad: 2020-07-09
Sista ansökningsdag: 2020-12-26
Stad: Stockholm
About SwedQ SwedQ is a young consulting company under rapid growth. Our business idea is to provide consultants who wants to work with bleeding edge technologies and companies that brings value to the world. The three corner stones of SwedQ is Competence, Tech & Business Understanding and Ownership, therefore we are making sure that everyone who joins our family gets the right conditions to develop their skills, network and career. Our assignments and solutions are provided throughout all types of industries, but our main focus is within the IT sector, so the assignments varies depending on your experience. For now, our consultants are working on everything from implementing a new architecture of a cloud solution, to helping to set up the new back end system for autonomous vehicles. Description - Developer at SwedQ The assignments at SwedQ variouse but there is one common dominator - You will always be challanged and improve your skills with us. Besides the assignment we belive in creating an environment of sharing knowledge and that is why we have an internal Slack channels and coaching strcuture in the company. If you are experienced enough you will take on coaching responsibilites. The more experience you have the more exposure of ambassador activities related task you are going to have (Courses, Seminars and conferanses). The reason is very simple - SwedQ needs more market presence and as a skilled engineer/developer you have also to build your brand and further it more. Requirements: - Couple of years of experience ( 3- 7 years)- We value the skills level, and you will be tested on it - Python (Django, Flask, etc...) - JavaScript, preferably if you have worked with a framwork (React, AngularJS or any similar) - AWS, GCP, Azure - Different services within the cloud providers - Have been part of setting up the environment - Pull requests - Setting up deployment pipelines towards the cloud - CI/CD - Jenkins, TeamCity, Octups deploy or similar- GIT is a given - Architectures - Microservices, serverless, N-Tier, REST, SOAP, GraphQL - Other - Elasticserach. Dynamodb, Databases, The above requirements can be on different levels. If you have not worked everything, it is OK, we prefer somebody with deep understanding of the coding principles, the technologies is something that you can learn over time.

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